THE PRESENT s.r.o. was founded by a former journalist and spokesperson of various institutions, Vahram Chuguryan (for more information about Vahram see his blog). The company is registered with the Assay Office of the Slovak Republic. Each piece of jewellery undergoes a thorough check of the fineness by the Assay Office.   



The company has an English name because it focuses on the European market. The definite article in the name emphasizes our ambition to offer our customers only extraordinary, unique and exclusive things. We do not want to sell gifts, we want to sell THE gifts. This intention is also reflected in our logo – it is very important for us to stick to the concept "OUT OF THE BOX". That's why we have chosen the harder but more unique way of doing business and limit our offer only to the very best and most original pieces of art.


 Since the founder of the e-shop is originally from Armenia, we decided to introduce this exotic country to our customers as well. You can look forward to:

  •     1. Trips to the one of the oldest countries in the world dating back to the ancient Babylonian times.
  •     2. The works of outstanding masters that are recognized and sought after by art collectors all around the world (mostly from US, France, Greece, Israel, Russia...).  


 We firmly believe that people who will visit Armenia with us will fall in love with this country, its history, landmarks, nature, people and tasty cuisine. The itinerary we have come up with is not tiring and there is still some room for fun and relaxation. Beautiful ancient sights, the longest cable car in the world, tasting the legendary Ararat cognac, wine, and traditional Armenian dishes, baking of lavash, and other surprises will stay in with you for a lifetime. 


For those who will not be lucky enough to see and enjoy Armenia, we brought a bit of Armenian culture to the European Union. As original as the landscape under the majestic Biblical Ararat, Armenian jewellery is made by the hands of one of the best jewellery masters in the world. It’s a tradition thousands of years old. Experience and secrets of jewellery-making are being refined and passed down the generations over the centuries.

 The design, the beauty as well as jewellery production techniques are all different. Some pieces of jewellery feature delicate details requiring extraordinary skill and stoic patience. Other precious pieces are made using almost forgotten technique of vitreous enamel, which is due to its complexity now used only by a handful of masters around the world. Regardless of individual tastes and preferences, each piece of jewellery offered is handmade, exceptional, original and unique.


 If some piece of jewellery offered fails to meet at least two of the above criteria, please contact us to receive it as a gift. This commitment will also help us keep our word and stay true to our intention. We know that it would be easier to look for and offer anonymous mass-produced jewellery, however, we want to do our business differently. Instead of thousands of inexpensive, identical and machine-made products we prefer to offer jewellery that is a unique artwork carefully made by a skilled master.


Each piece of our handmade jewellery contains a piece of soul of its maker. Such jewellery is a unique piece of art - it is not machine-produced and there is no way a jewellery master can make two absolutely identical products, especially if they are decorated with natural semi-precious stones. Jewellery has its own life, the stones are energetically charged and ready to help to its wearer.

People in Armenia believe that there is a strong bond between handmade jewellery featuring a natural stone and its owner. They believe the jewellery will protect them and help them in hard times.


 If you managed to read through this long text, you certainly deserve a nice piece of jewellery. We prefer to choose a riskier way of doing business because we feel this is the right thing to do.

 The word “PRESENT” means a "gift" but also "presence". That is why we have chosen the following to be our defining motto:


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