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The silvery amulet in the shape of a circle is the ultimate height of the artist’ s skill. The pendant fulfills both a protective as well as a decorative function. The amulet is divided by hand-waved lines into several parts. In the middle of the pendant is the sun - the basic source and pillar of energy necessary for the existence of every living being. This handmade, simply looking silver amulet has the magical power to protect its owner.

The center of the amulet is tastefully decorated with smaller pinkish corals. The coral itself protects its wearer from accidents, fears, depression or nightmares. The amulet helps its wearer to be who he/she really is, relieving him/her of internal discomfort and stress. It also strengthens the mutual bond between the mother and her child.  

The amulet is a part of a set of eight amulets made by Robert Yesayan using old-fashioned armenian techniques and motifs.

On the back of the amulet there is a handwritten signature of the artist. This piece is a great fashion accessory for women of all ages.

This piece of jewellery will be wrapped in the original handmade luxury box made by THE PRESENT.

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