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Hot new. Unique, modern, eye-catching. That is how we would describe this porcelain ring. The atypical material, timeless design and the skillful handmade work makes this ring a perfect gift. The ring with its originality and clean lines will surely please every lady.

Thanks to its colour, gloss and shape, it is easy to combine just with any piece of clothing and suitable for almost every occasion.

The ring of atypical dark-gray porcelain shines beautifully. It is adorned with a delicate pink pearl that symbolizes purity and innocence. The center of the flower features a diamond. Around the flower is a star made of fine gold wires. It is optimistic, colourful, original, and at the same time it looks simple and natural. It is a great gift for every woman.

Pearls are natural gems produced in a living organism, in shelled mollusk. Each pearl is an original and slightly varies in its shape, colour and gloss. Pearls protect their wearer against negative energy and misfortune. They strengthen the sense of beauty and harmony within each person. They help with finding love, success and understanding.

Pearl is referred to as the family guardian and is said to strengthen family happiness. Pearls have a positive effect on the liver, kidneys, blood pressure and the digestive system. Their powers were recognized already by the ancient Egyptians. Pearls were worn by nobles who took them to their graves.

The ancient Greeks believed that the pearls could prolong the youth and maintain beauty until the old age. They were also worn by famous women such as Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, as well as by the Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II. Pearls should now be an integral part of the wardrobe of every modern woman.

Eye-catching porcelain ring with diamond, gold and enamel.

The original ring is an exclusive and unique piece of jewellery that can easily be combined with any piece of clothing.

This piece of jewellery will be wrapped in the original handmade luxury box made by THE PRESENT.

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