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61,47 x 41,79 mm

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This silver pendant is an exclusive piece. As a base, the artist used a beautiful and inimitable natural gemstone agate. Its shape, size and colour are unrepeatable, making this gemstone unique. Colours are a perfect mix of several shades of gray, light blue and white.

On the sides it is decorated with a natural brown colour in the tone of the earth which gradually passes into yellow. Around the whole gem there are silver flowers and petals, making this pendant a masterpiece. The owner can be absolutely sure that there are no two similar pendants in the world.

This pendant can be worn on both sides. It is elegant and timeless. It is a great gift for every lady.

The natural agate helps its wearer to overcome negative feelings and strengthens love. It also helps its wearer to enhance self-awareness, self-confidence and confidence in one's own abilities. Agate eliminates internal tension and negative influences. It creates a sense of security. Agate represents a varied palette of shades of earthy colours that connect to the most diverse shapes. Original colour effects make agate interesting and popular.

The power of the agate is endless, it helps its wearer in the search for truth, protects against harsh criticism, unpleasant situations and adverse circumstances. Agate also promotes harmony and positively affects reproduction. It is highly recommended for expectant mothers because agate have the strength to protect fetus.

Agate also helps in the treatment of headaches and skin problems.

This piece of jewellery will be wrapped in the original handmade luxury box made by THE PRESENT.

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