Eye-catching and original set "Black Amber". The perfection of the stone, the unique shape of the pearl, the enamel, the admirable skill and the artist's imagination – all of that combined into a phenomenal two-piece set consisting of a ring and earrings. The set is a result of a unique manual work requiring a high level of precision .


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Silver handmade earrings and the ring from a unique set. The center of both pieces of jewellery is natural nacre with a protrusion decorated by red enamel – almost as if touched by hands of a painter. The whole “picture” is placed in a decent silver frame filled with black amber.

Even when looking at the pieces from the side your breath will be taken away. The silver frame is rather thick, however, the jewellery is still very delicate. In the lower part there are manually cut out holes in the shape of a rectangle through which the black amber penetrates, thus giving it a final touch of elegance. Earrings and size adjustable ring are a remarkable piece of jewellery. The set can be worn every day but also for special occasions.

BLACK AMBER is also known as jet. It has been used for amulet production since the stone age.

It can eliminate and divert negative energy, removes unfounded fear, gives its wearer a sense of serenity. It is considered to be a protector of entrepreneurs and businesses.

It is especially suitable material for jewellery-making because of its low weight.

Black amber is a great help when treating migraine, sinusitis, colds, epilepsy and problems with lymph nodes. It is also helpful with problems with the lower limbs and the lower back.

NARCE is an organic-inorganic material. It is created in a living organism, in shelled mollusk. Narce is a hard, crystalline material from which pearls are produced. It usually has fine coloured shades, mostly creamy, white or beige with glitter of pink, green or purple. The combination and perfect cooperation of these variable colour shades and the healing energy emitted by pearls is very delicate. That is why pearls and nacre symbolize femininity and seductiveness. They develop a sense of beauty and perfection, charity, tenderness and harmony. 

Pearls also serve as an amulet. For centuries, people have believed that pearls have powerful energy that protects its owner from negative energy, accidents and dangers, even warning him/her by changing its appearance.

Pearls have powers to make their wearer feel relaxed and calm, they reduce tension and fear as well. Pearls are also used in treating various phobias.   

Pearls have a positive effect on the bones and teeth. They have anti-inflammatory effects, and thus are great at treating inflammation of the oral cavity, nerves and nervous system, reduce fever. They are ale helpful at treating skin diseases, burns, eczema and allergies.

Jewellery will be wrapped in the original handmade luxury box made by THE PRESENT.

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