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Top notch work. Natural garnet embedded in silver. This talisman is also a powerful amulet. It will protect its wearer thanks to the natural gemstone - garnet.

Garnet is a mineral associated with health and energy. It helps all the plans and goals come into fruition. It's not just an ordinary mineral. Garnet will take care about your physical, mental, but also spiritual well-being and balance.

Garnet is a gemstone with a strong ability to supply energy. It contributes to the energy recovery of its wearer. It cleanses the chakras and brings them new energies that revive, purify and maintain one’s balance. Garnet warns against the coming danger and has been used in amulets since ancient times.

Semi-precious gemstone garnet boosts fantasy, creativity and mental powers. It will help you achieve goals you have set for yourself. Achieving these goals will raise your self-confidence.

Garnet restores strength and energy lost due to fatigue and overall weakness, whether from work, illness, exhaustion or pain. It positively influences love and devotion, increases sexual potency and can correct emotional disharmony. It is a useful crystal in crisis moments. It helps in situations where a solution seems unreachable or in moments when life breaks into pieces or turns into a carrousel. It adds strength, stimulates activity and strengthens self-esteem by providing courage and bringing hope into seemingly hopeless situations. Under the influence of the garnet, the crisis changes into a clear challenge. The power of garnet can call someone to help its wearer in such though times.

The garnet is firmly connected with the pituitary gland and can stimulate the consciousness and recall memories of past lives. It activates the power of other crystals and amplifies their effects. It also purifies the negative energy of the chakra. Garnet made into square shapes is said to bring success in business matters.
When talking about consciousness garnet can sharpen and refine the ability to see one’s true self. It also stamps out behavior that have ceased to serve the original purpose. At the same time, it helps to overcome resistance or subconscious inner barriers, makes it easier to dispose of unnecessary or obsolete thoughts and ideas, helps to overcome various taboos. It opens up its wearer’s heart and improves self-confidence.

Therapeutical use
Garnet regenerates the body, stimulates metabolism, helps with spine, back and cell problems. It cleanses blood, delivers energy, has a beneficial effect on the heart and the lungs, regenerates DNA. It helps with the absorption of minerals and vitamins.

This piece of jewellery will be wrapped in the original handmade luxury box made by THE PRESENT.

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