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The silver set Feather consists of earrings and the ring. It is one of the most inventive works of the outstanding Armenian artist Anahit Sedrakyan. Thanks to her eye for detail and the top-notch skill she managed to manufacture a bird's feather extremely authentically and aesthetically.

Not only the earrings but also the ring look very imaginative and fresh. After the ring lands on the finger it wraps around it and moves slightly to the side, making it look really fashionable.

The author enriched the ring with an embedded mineral called quartz which brightens and finishes the piece with a touch of elegance. Quartz is one of the oldest and most eye-catching minerals in terms of colour. There are many colour variations. Quartz is able to eliminate negative energy and bring its owner love, happiness, success and material prosperity. Quartz is known for its healing powers - it stabilizes blood circulation, strengthens the muscles, nerves and senses.

It gives its wearer courage and enthusiasm and strengthens positive thinking. It is also known as a stone of purity - it can detoxify the organism and brings harmony. It has rejuvenating effects, slows down the formation of wrinkles and helps fight acne. In ancient Greece and Rome quartz was used in jewellery-making and to make vases and bowls. Native Americans used quartz to summon rain.

You can get the earrings and the ring at a discounted price when you buy the set FEATHER. 

Jewellery will be wrapped in the original handmade luxury box made by THE PRESENT.

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