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This ring is an extraordinary piece of art - a combination of silver, enamel and natural semi-precious gemstones. The ring features a beautiful semi-precious gemstone agate of pinkish colour resembling glass. The entire inner part of the ring looks like a forest full of sakura trees - Japanese cherry trees that blossom in a beautiful pink colour. A longer look at the piece will melt heart of everyone, even those most cynical or lacking fantasy.

The semi-precious stone agate is wrapped in a handmade mesh of silver threads resembling branches of a strong tree. This force emanates from the ring at the first glance. The ring also features delicate pink flowers that are placed around the whole ring.

The power of the agate is infinite, it helps its wearer to overcome negative feelings and empowers love. It allows its owner to accept who he/ she truly is.

This piece of jewellery will be wrapped in the original handmade luxury box made by THE PRESENT.

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