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The ring „Sun“ is a remarkable piece of jewellery. The lady who happens to wear the ring will catch positive attention of everybody in the room. The ring was treated with rhodium and is thus very durable. Besides its decorative function it also protects its wearer. The golden Sun in the middle of the ring watches over its wearer all day. The ring was inspired by Celts and their culture that worshipped Sun as a symbol of life force, fertility and protection of new life.

Celts believed in the healing power of the Sun. It was said that Sun could treat infertility.

The original silver ring has an unusual shape - it is wide in the middle without looking robust and narrows at the sides. What makes it interesting is its unusual uneven surface made by the skilled hands of the artist. The ring is adjustable.

The ring is a great addition to nearly every outfit.

The ring’s surface is treated with rhodium.

The surface of the ring is treated by rhodium, thus ensuring higher resistance of the material. Rhodium is a noble metal that is very resistant to external influences, light, sweat. Rhodium is even more durable and more expensive than gold.

This piece of jewellery will be shipped in the ORIGINAL, handmade and LUXURY BOX THE PRESENT.


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