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The first Christian country in the world - Armenia - is currently one of the safest and most stable countries in the world. It has a rich history dating back to Babylon, the city older than Rome, delicious Caucasian dishes, relatively cheap prices, and hospitable people. An almost 2,000 years-old pagan temple, stunning natural sceneries, or rare architectural jewels listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List are just a few things that Armenia offers. Take advantage of the introductory price 779 EUR (+ 510 EUR flight tickets) including half board and all trips, transfers, entrances, and tastings. No hidden charges.


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Vahram’s home country is Armenia, however, he has been living in Slovakia since 1993 when he came here to study as a 19 years-old student.

Armenia trip itinerary:

Day 1.
Departure from Schwechat Airport at 10:20 PM by regular Vienna-Yerevan line. Meeting at 8:20 PM at the airport.

Day 2.
Arriving in Yerevan, one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world (8th century BC) early in the morning. Accommodation, breakfast, short break. Visit to Etchmiadzin Cathedral (the seat of the Catholic Church, Armenian "Vatican") and the oldest Christian church in the world (4th century) + St. Ripsime Church, one of the most beautiful churches (618 AD). Visit to the ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral from the 7th century (UNESCO). Welcome dinner in a typical Armenian restaurant. 

Day 3.
Breakfast. Visit to Chor Virap (642 AD), a monastery complex near the border with Turkey, with a beautiful view of Ararat (5,100 m above sea level) where Noah's Ark supposedly landed. Visitors visit a deep pit using narrow vertical stairs where King Trdat III kept St. George for 13 years without food and water. The Areni wine region where in the cave complexes was discovered the oldest winery including ancient wine press, cups and dried wine (8,000 BC). A visit to the cave where the oldest shoe in the world (6,000 BC) was discovered, wine tasting. Noravanq, a monastic complex from 9th -10th century surrounded by a beautiful scenery of red rocks. Dinner and overnight stay in Goris. 

Day 4.
Breakfast. Khndzoresk cave village with bridge across the canyon. A breath-taking trip in the longest cable car in the world (recorded in the Guinness Book of Records – 5,752 m, without supports in the middle). Exit from the cable car at the Tatev monastery, now a scientific-research complex that dates back to the 9th century. Lunch. On the way to Yerevan we will stop at Zorats Karer (Qarahunj). According to some scientists, Qarahunj is an observatory built over 7,000 years ago. This site has an allegedly very strong energy potential. Return to Yerevan. Relaxation and free program. 

Day 5.
Breakfast. A tour of the ruins of the 2,800-years-old Uratian fortress of Erebuni (782 BC), built by King Argishti I. Erebuni is the city upon ruins of which the current capital of Yerevan was built. A visit to the Cicernakaberd Memorial dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide. The largest and most recent church in Armenia – Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church with a capacity of 2,000 people and an area of almost 4 km2. Lunch in downtown Yerevan. Food market. Free program in Yerevan (recommendations - Museum of History, Matenadaran – a unique museum of ancient manuscripts, Paradajanov Museum, other museums and galleries). Visit the local market or vernissages where you can buy rare art objects, handmade jewellery, gold, silver, souvenirs, carpets, etc.

Day 6.
Breakfast. Geghard Monastery Complex (4th century) partly built in a trench in the mountains and rocks - downhill direction (UNESCO). The pagan Temple of Garni devoted to the god of sun (built in 45 AD), nearly 2,000 years-old "SPA". Baking of traditional Armenian bread / pancakes - lavash and sweet pastry tasting (gata). A visit to the legendary Armenian brandy plant combined with tasting. Then a short rest and a walk through Yerevan, a visit to the Republic Square with singing fountains, breath-taking views from Cascadas, the Northern Prospectus, the Opera House, free program. 

Day 7.
Breakfast. Sevan - one of the world's highest mountain alpine lakes with an area of 1,250 km2 (1,900 m above sea-level), visit to the churches on the island, swimming in the lake (only for those brave enough - cold water). Tasting of a fish which is only found in Lake Sevan, free program, relaxation. Dilidjan (Armenian Switzerland), Agharcin monastery complex (10th century). 

Day 8.

Breakfast. Free program - ideal for saying goodbye to Armenia / Yerevan. Farewell dinner in an Armenian restaurant

Day 9.


The price of the trip: 779,- EUR for double occupancy of a room (+ fly ticket and airport charges: 510,- EUR). What is included
(You can join the trip in Armenia if you can arrange your travels by yourself (for example via Budapest, Kiev, Moscow, Georgia, Istanbul, etc. or if you want to travel by car). In this case the price is 779 EUR.)

  • A two-way regular fly ticket (VIE-EVN-VIE), Austrian Airlines
  • Accommodation in a hotel in Yerevan
  • Overnight stay in Goris
  • Half-board including two gala dinners in typical Armenian restaurants
  • No waiting for the room after arrival
  • Use of the room until departure to the airport
  • Transfer from and to the airport (from and to the hotel)
  •        Transportation to and from trips
  • Entrance fees (museums, temples and monasteries, etc.)
  • Visit to the legendary Ararat plant (guided) with tasting of Armenian cognac
  • Local guide services
  • Two-way ticket to the longest cable car in the world
  • Folk ensemble performance
  • Baking of lavash - traditional Armenian bread, you can try it too!
  • A visit to the area where the remains of the oldest winery have been found, wine tasting
  • Water during all bus trips
  • Services of a Slovak tourist guide throughout the stay

The minimum number of people required for the trip under these conditions is 14. If a separate group is created, it is possible to customize both the dates and the program.


  •        19.9.-27.9
  •        26.9.-4.10.
  •        3.10.-11.10.


Fill in the enclosed application form, send it to and start enjoying the thoughts about your upcoming trip to Armenia. Enjoy the moment. Live here and now! 

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