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Modesty, thoughtfulness, mysteriousness and the perfection of the female body, all of that combined in the sculpture of the woman sitting on the rock. However, the sculpture offers much more than that. It is a symbol of silence as well as a celebration of femininity. Looking at her, one has to wander what Gayane thinks about. Every man would hurry to solve any of her problems, just to spend a few moments in her presence. The artist has managed to capture the incredible power that women have in themselves in a very touching and humble way.

The sculpture is made of bronze while the basis, just like the rock on which Gayane sits, is made of Armenian jasper. In ancient chronicles, jasper is said to be the best breadwinner or the mother of all stones. It is very valuable not only in the sphere of jewellery, but also in esoterics.

Dimensions: 12x12,5x7,5 cm

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