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Arsen is a young Armenian artist, designer and national expert on silver jewellery, born in 1986. He earned a university degree at the Faculty of Information Technology at the Technical University in Yerevan. More than computers, however, he was enchanted by jewellery. He got involved in jewellery-making already in his school years. He even decided to pursue a very difficult path - combining silver with enamel, often working in conditions up to 840 ° C.

The technique of vitreous enamel is currently very rare. Due to extremely demanding and laborious processing, there are increasingly fewer masters in the world who dare to make living out of the production of jewellery of this kind. Instead, they use the cold enamel technique, which can be vaguely described as "painting" on jewellery.

When asked why he has chosen jewellery instead of a very promising job in the world of information technology, Arsen replies: "There are not many professions in the world where you can bring joy to people, especially ladies, and that's exactly what I'm doing. I believe I will reach to the hearts of the customers of THE RPESENT”. Arsen says that much more than earning money he enjoys the joy his works bring to people. That is why he constantly follows new trends and tries to learn new techniques.

Arsena's work has also appealed to many experts. That is why he is often a guest at prestigious exhibitions both at home and abroad. He is a holder of several certificates and an international "rank" of a National Expert.

Like other artists cooperating with THE PRESENT, Arsena’s works are also not mass-produced. Each piece of jewellery contains a piece of soul of its maker. That's why each piece of jewellery is unique and exclusive. 

If you are interested in the work of Arsena, but you have a different idea on how the piece should look like, Arsena is ready consult the matter with you and accommodate to your wishes. 

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items