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Levon Vardanyan is an exceptionally talented and creative craftsman. He was born in Yerevan, where he also received a university degree at the Faculty of Geography of the Armenian State University.

After his studies, he decided to devote his life to the miraculous world of jewellery. In fact, he was interested in jewellery making since his early childhood. His father, a respected goldsmith, used to say that "there is jewellery and the jewellery". Jewellery making gave him the opportunity to "touch" the magic and the world of stories. He believes his handmade works have a soul and support its wearer by beneficial energy emanating from them.

Levon has been working as a full-time goldsmith since 2002. The year 2005 was a huge breakthrough in his career when he acquired basic skills in working with enamel. The technique of vitreous enamel is currently used only very rarely. Since the technique is extremely demanding, there are increasingly fewer masters in the world who dare to devote their time to the production of jewellery of this kind. Instead, artists use the cold enamel technique, which can be vaguely described as "painting" on jewellery.

Levon has made the most of his (at first glance unrelated) studies by blending his knowledge with his passion for jewellery. The interest in studying countries and national traditions has transformed into a real passion. He travelled to a lot of countries and personally got to know the best what jewellery world has to offer. Levon learned that the best-quality enamel is being produced only by some countries, like Germany, Austria, France, Russia, Japan and the USA. From each country Levon imports only the best colours. By combing different styles (eg shauer, lemozh, dulev ...), his works show the top-notch quality and incredible colour range with over 500 shades.

Enamel jewellery sealed in precious metals (under the conditions reaching up to 840 ° C) is to be passed down the generations. Jewellery’s gloss and saturation of colours last for hundreds of years.

Thanks to his travels Levon is able to combine jewellery in a very unusual way, creating a unique symbiosis of European sternness and eastern shine. Thanks to the knowledge of various techniques, the master can create a variety of one-of-a-kind jewellery.

Levon's jewellery is unique thanks to its highly professional processing and the vast knowledge of the artist (exceptional skills in working with precious metals and gems, various techniques used, including enamel technique). Every metal has its secrets, and Levon knows them all. Levon is the ultimate master - he is one of a few people with a secret knowledge of multiple jewellery making styles, making him one of the most sought-after artists in his field.

What is Levon Vardanyan's message to customers of THE PRESENT? "I hope that my work will bring joy to both the gifted and the giver as well. Joy is a very important part of life. I agree with THE PRESENT’s motto that we need to live here and now," says Levon, adding that he will be happy to fulfil even the most daring ideas of customers of THE PRESENT, be it material, embedded stones or manufacturing technique.

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