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"The real jewellery must, in particular, bring out some emotions, because without emotions the world makes no sense at all," says Oleg Poghosyan, who is known in Armenia for his originality and quality of his jewellery.

Oleg is yet another college-educated artist who graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics at the Technical University of Yerevan (1986-1992). He planned to devote himself to science, development and production of cars, but ultimately he chose jewellery. We are very happy for his choice because had he not turned his back on science, our customers would have missed his great works. All his works are forged by hand without using casts or molds.

Oleg has been very close to the art of jewellery making since he was a little boy. His father was a renowned Armenian goldsmith. He learned the craft from his father's friend, who showed Oleg secrets of cameo (engraving technique) in 1991. He gradually became acquainted with other techniques as well and became a master in his own field.

He designs his own jewellery as well as very complicated manufacturing techniques. Oleg is not afraid to explore, to innovate and to develop completely new techniques. This passion is reflected in the excellent quality of his works. Customers love him and colleagues respect him.

 “I make jewellery in my own way, I do not try to adapt to commercial interests or trends in order to meet the demands of the crowd. I don’t let go of jewellery that I personally do not like. I am very much looking forward to working with customers of THE PRESENT, who have also chosen the way of originality, uniqueness and quality, just like I did," says Oleg Poghosyan when asked why he has decided to work with us.

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