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A young and very talented Armenian artist is a graduate of the law faculty. After successfully passing his final examinations and defending his thesis on "Legal Aspects of the Executive Power", he decided not to follow this path. He chose to work with jewellery, a career which made him much more happier than laws ever could. He claims that jewellery was the right path to take.

"The love of art and, in particular, the desire to make beautiful jewellery in my eyes comes to a man that loves nature, Earth and the universe. Each piece of jewellery contains a piece of nature," says the artist, and adds that he has fallen in love with jewellery making already in his childhood because his parents were also great masters in the field. Gevorg and Julia are very supportive of their son.

The family achieves unsurpassed results especially in the field of filigree jewellery production. The technique of filigree, which is the production of jewellery from fine precious metals, has been known since 2,000 BC. It is therefore understandable that Armenia, which is one of the oldest countries in the world, has a rich tradition in its production. "The production of filigree jewellery requires deep knowledge, experience, skill, time and patience. The gentle and unmistakable look of a finished filigree jewellery is the biggest reward for me. Every single piece has its individual character and emotion," says Vardan when asked how he perceives this technique and his works. Besides producing traditional jewellery Vardan and his family keep abreast with state-of-the-art designs. Vardan likes designing and inventing new models, colours and designs.

Vardan Shahinyan's works were exhibited in Armenia, the United States, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Vardan was asked to work with fashion designers who wanted to decorate their dresses with exclusive jewellery. Models wore Vardan's jewellery during fashion shows in Armenia and abroad.

Vardan has several diplomas, certificates, and thank you letters, but most of all, he appreciates the recognition and feedback from his customers. For an artist, there is no bigger pleasure than people who like his works and wear them proudly.

When making new jewellery, it is important to know customer’s preferences and his/her nature. We have been very successful in the United States, which is a bit more further west than Europe. That is why I hope we will also hit the taste of THE PRESENT’s customers," concluded optimistically Vardan Shahinyan.

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